Umpiring Courses

Umpiring courses are administered by the South African Hockey Association via their SAHA Academy.  If you wish to embark on an umpiring career, you need to first do the online Level 0 theory course and thereafter the face-to-face practical course.

Level 0 Umpiring – Theory Course

The Level 0 Umpiring Theory course is done online in your own time.  For more information, and to register for the course, please visit the SAHA Academy Website.

Level 0 Umpiring Practical Course

After you have successfully completed the theory course, you are required to complete the practical course successfully before being certified as a Level 0 Umpire.  The practical course is conducted face-to-face.  Northerns has a facilitator for these courses and if you wish to attend a course in our area (Pretoria and surrounds) you may place your name on the waiting list using the form below.  Whenever a course is arranged, you will then be notified about it via email and given the opportunity to register.

Practical Umpiring Courses Waiting List

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Achieving Higher Levels

After Level 0 there are no more courses and the higher levels – starting with Mini-Level 1 and followed by Level 1 up to Level 4 – are achieved by means of practical grading which normally happens at tournaments.  In order to gain access to such tournaments, one needs to get involved in umpiring at schools or preferably club matches and thereby secure a nomination to attend a tournament.  If you wish to become involved in this manner in Northerns (after you have passed the Level 0), please Register on our database.