Outdoor League Structure

At the Northerns Council meeting held on 15 February 2024 the decision was taken to revert to a league structure that was used several years ago.  In essence, this entails teams being allocated to leagues containing eight teams each (with possibly a different number in the lowest league, depending on the number of entries received), whereafter they will play a single round-robin.  At the end of this round-robin, the top four teams in the premier league remain in the premier league and play a double round-robin to determine the premier league winners.  The bottom four premier league teams are then combined with the top four teams in the second league to form a league which plays a single round-robin to determine a winner.  This process is repeated with all lower teams with the structure of the lowest league dependent on the number of teams entered.

League entries close on 4 March 2024, whereafter the final structure for 2024 will be published on this page.