Anti-Doping Resources

Internationallay, hockey is ranked in the top 10 users of the WADA Education Programme and the South African Hockey Association has embarked on a process which aims to ensure that as many participants in the sport – players, officials, administrators, etc – are exposed to anti-doping education programmes.  The online education route, available on the website of the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS), is the easiest and players can start the programme and gradually finish it in their own time.  Alternatively, education sessions may be requested from SAIDS (see the link below) – the service is free and only dependent on the availability of educators in the specific area.

More information is available on the SAIDS website where, amongst others, players may check the status of medications to ensure that they are not on the prohibited list.  There are also a number of related documents available on the FIH website.