Northerns "Blues" Hockey Association

Tournament Officials

Anybody who's ever been to a tournament will know that without TD's (Technical Directors), TO's (Technical Officers) and Judges the tournament will simply never even get off the ground.  Nevertheless it is often a very thankless job due to the fact that it is primarily done "in the background".  On this page we will highlight the names of people from Northerns who perform these essential functions at national or international tournaments.

International Appointments in 2014

South Africa vs Scotland Series: Pretoria 14 - 19 February
Kokkie Sieling - TD


National Appointments in 2014

Men's SA Country Districts: Pretoria 5 - 12 July
John Wright - TD
Kokkie Sieling - TO
Natasha Hall - Judge
Denise Johnson - Judge
Thapelo Motloutse - Judge

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