Northerns "Blues" Hockey Association

Country Districts

"Country Districts" refers to those areas of South Africa falling outside of the major metropolitan areas.  Northerns Country Districts therefore consists of players from Secunda, Witbank, Brits and Rustenburg.  Pretoria-based players, excluding premier league players, are also eligible for selection to Northerns Country Districts teams, but this only happens when teams cannot be filled from country-based clubs.

There is an annual South African Country Districts tournament where teams from all over the country compete.  While there is fierce competition on the field, the Country Districts hockey community is well-known for the importance it places upon good old-fashioned sportsmanship.  The Country Districts tournament also maintains traditions like requiring that players attend the opening and closing functions in their "step-outs" - blazers, jackets and ties.  A unique tradition is also to award a man-of-the-match award to your opponents after each match.  Individuals who excel in service to the Country Districts community are also recognised by being invited to become members of the Griffons Hockey Club - a club that gets together once a year at the SACD tournament to play one match against an invitation side.  Many of the club's members hail from Northerns.

Northerns Country Districts teams annually take part in both the Men's and Women's SACD tournaments, and some of our players are selected for the SACD teams that take part in the senior IPTs.

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