Northerns "Blues" Hockey Association

Executive Committee

The primary decision-making body of the Northerns "Blues" Hockey Association (the NBHA) is its Council, consisting of representatives of all member clubs in good standing, representatives of all affiliates (currently Schools, Masters and Country Districts) and all members of the executive committee.

The Council annually appoints an Executive Committee of eight people to take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the Association.  The Executive Committee consists of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer (who may be the same person as the vice-president) and five or six Additional Members.

The Association also employs one person in the capacity of Administrator with the responsibility of attending to all administrative tasks.  The Administrator serves ex officio as the secretary of the executive committee.

The current executive committee, as elected at the AGM at the end of 2015, is listed below.  Take note that no e-mail addresses are listed to prevent the "harvesting" of addresses for spam purposes.  If you specifically require email addresses for any of the contact persons listed below, please Contact Us.

2016/2017 NBHA Executive Committee
PresidentPeter Wright
Vice-PresidentPenny Learmonth
TreasurerCraig Wilson
Secretary (ex officio)Kokkie Sieling
Additional MembersGraham Johnson
Sammy Kekana
Tarryn McCreedy
Kirk Mendoza
Tessa van der Sandt

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The NBHA is a regular beneficiary of the NLDTF
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