Northerns "Blues" Hockey Association


A big part of growing the sport of hockey involves promoting it amongst communities that have historically either been excluded from playing it, or have simply never been properly introduced to it.  The NBHA has targeted a number of regions within the province for development.  In each region we use a holistic approach to development in that we not only present occasional coaching clinics, but assist the newcomers to create a complete hockey infrastructure including all aspects of the sport - playing, coaching, umpiring and administering a club.

One of the most notable successes thus far has been the growth of a former development team - Dangerous Darkies Hockey Club - into an active club participating on equal footing with "traditional" clubs in our winter league – even winning the men's fourth league in 2012.

Dangerous Darkies Hockey Club
A Dangerous Darkies player on the attack

Former development umpires have also performed very well at national tournaments, as is the case with technical officials.

However, development cannot be an isolated activity of the Executive Committee alone.  Clubs are encouraged to become involved in the presentation of development programmes - to promote this, development involvement is one of the criteria used to annually determine the winners of the "Club of the Year" award.

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